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AMM streamlines the administration of investing in term deposits online, saving you time and money. You can see all your term deposits in one place and optimise returns on every rollover. Read on for a closer look at how our platform works and how we automate the system for your benefit - enabling you to manage your term deposit investments when it's convenient for you.

We will also tell you more about why you will need a Cash Management Account (CMA) and how we can create one for you if you don't have one already.

  1. Browse Rates
  2. Select Term Deposit
  3. AMM Instructs Bank
  4. Term Deposit Matures
  1. 1

    Browse Rates

    To browse rates, simply specify the amount you wish to invest and you will be shown all the time period options from a number of financial institutions.

  2. 2

    Select Term Deposit

    By selecting 'New Investment', you will be able to view the rate table according to the amount you wish to invest. Simply select the financial institution and period of investment and click 'Invest' - it's that easy!.

    Please note, your Cash Management Account (CMA) or "hub account" will require the relevant amount of funds in it before you invest.

  3. 3

    AMM Instructs Bank

    By clicking the 'Invest' button, you will be sending instructions to AMM to process your investment and they will complete all the paperwork on your behalf - it’s really that simple! AMM will email you the relevant Contract Note and PDS documents that will all be in your Account name.

    Please note, the funds are moved directly from your Cash Management Account to the particular financial institution that you are investing with.

  4. 4

    Term Deposit Matures

    We will send you an email 7 days prior, and the day prior to maturity of your term deposit(s) to advise you that your investment will be maturing.

    Within 7 days prior to maturity, from your online AMM Client account, you can provide AMM with instructions as to what you would like to do on the date of maturity. For example you could choose to reinvest in the same institution, invest in another institution or alternatively, request that the full amount and interest is transferred into your Cash Management Account– the choice is yours and this can be done in your time and at your convenience because it is online!

    If you don't provide any online instructions, your investment will automatically redeem and the funds will be transferred into your Cash Management Account (CMA).

    Please note, if you choose to reinvest in the same or another financial institution, your instruction will be classified as 'pending' until the rate is confirmed on the actual investment date as rates can change.

Your Cash Management Account

In order for AMM to send funds to your chosen financial institution for a Term Deposit investment, they will need to be available in a Cash Management Account. Essentially your Cash Management Account (CMA) acts as a “hub account” and enables the easy flow of investment funds between financial institutions.

Your Cash Management Account and your investments are always in your name and every stage of each transaction is transparent. You can view the balance of your CMA and the investment transactions on your Dashboard when you log in.

Upon your instruction that you make on your AMM Account, we move the funds out of your CMA and directly to the chosen financial institution for your selected Term Deposit – all in your name.

Already have a CMA?

If you already have a CMA that you use for investment purposes, we will require the details of this account and an authorization for AMM to debit it when you choose your term deposits through your AMM Account. Your CMA will need to be held with one of our listed providers – to view our list, please click here.

If your existing CMA Account is not with one of our listed providers, we will require you to open a new CMA Account with a provider from our list.

Don't have a CMA?

When you complete your online AMM Account Application form, you can simply instruct AMM to open a CMA for you which will be held in your name. We currently offer Cash Management Accounts from the following range of financial institutions – the choice is yours:

Before making your choice of CMA provider, please review the PDS and Terms & Conditions which are available within our support section when you login.

Cash Management Account (CMA) - Features

To compare CMA's, click to view the table below or open the PDF to save or print.

Cash Management Account (CMA) - Funds Transfer Options

When completing your online AMM Account Application, you will be able to choose your preferred method of transferring funds to your chosen CMA. To compare the options that will enable your funds to move to and from your CMA, click to view the table below or open the PDF to save or print.

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