Managed Funds

Our increasing range of providers offer a variety of investment options in various asset classes including single-asset, fixed term and fixed income Managed Income Funds.

Following a similar process to investing in Term Deposits and At Call Accounts on our marketplace, once the investment has been selected, we do the administration and paperwork for you.

View the range of providers and products below and click on their logo to be directed to their website. Before investing we recommend speaking to the Fund Manager – their contact details are available on the Rates page after login.

Managed Fund Provider Product(s) Available through AMM Marketplace
Alium Capital Management Pty Ltd
  • Alium Market Neutral Fund (Platform Class)
  • Alium Alpha Fund
  • Artesian Corporate Bond Pty Ltd
  • Artesian Corporate Bond Fund
  • Capital Prudential Pty Ltd
  • Capital Prudential Residential Development Fund HOMES Note - 1 year term
  • Capital Prudential Residential Development Fund HOMES Note - 2 year term
  • Capital Prudential Residential Development Fund HOMES Note - 3 year term
  • Coaster Capital Pty Ltd
  • Coaster Multi-Strategy Fund - Arrow Fund (Class A Units)
  • Coaster Multi-Strategy Fund - Dorado Fund (Class B Units)
  • Coaster Multi-Strategy Fund - Horizon Fund (Class C Units)
  • Daintree Capital Management Pty Ltd
  • Daintree Core Income Trust
  • Daintree High Income Trust
  • DDH Graham Limited
  • DDH Aggressive Growth Fund
  • DDH Australian Shares Fund
  • DDH Balanced Growth Fund
  • DDH Cash Fund
  • DDH Conservative Growth Fund
  • DDH Fixed Interest Fund
  • DDH Preferred Income Fund
  • DDH Selector Australian Equities Fund
  • JamiesonCooteBonds Pty Ltd
  • CC JCB Active Bond Fund
  • CC JCB Dynamic Alpha Fund
  • CC JCB Global Fund Hedged
  • CC JCB Global Fund Unhedged
  • Katana Asset Management Ltd
  • Katana Australian Equity Fund
  • La Trobe Financial Services Pty Limited
  • La Trobe Financial Australian Credit Fund – Fixed Term Account
  • Mutual Limited
  • MHYF Mutual Enhanced Credit
  • MIF Mutual Enhanced Cash (Class C)
  • MCF Mutual Credit Fund
  • Pentalpha Investment Management Pty Ltd
  • Pentalpha Income for Life Fund – Ordinary Class
  • Realm Investment Management Pty Ltd
  • Realm High Income Fund
  • Realm Short Term Income Fund
  • Realm Strategic Income Fund – Enduring Units
  • Smarter Money Investments Pty Limited
  • Smarter Money – Active Cash Fund
  • Smarter Money – Higher Income Fund
  • Smarter Money – Long Short Credit Fund
  • Spectrum Asset Management Limited
  • Spectrum Strategic Income Fund
  • Think Tank Group Pty Limited
  • Think Tank Income Trust
  • Think Tank High Yield Trust
  • TPT Wealth Limited
  • TPT Select Mortgage Fund
  • TPT Fixed Term Fund
  • TPT Long Term Fund
  • Trilogy Financing Pty Ltd
  • Trilogy Enhanced Cash
  • Trilogy Monthly Income Trust
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