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AMM's 'Meet the Fund Manager' Webinar with Guests from Mutual Ltd

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Stephen Jewell, Managing Director of AMM had a Q&A session with our guests from Mutual Ltd:

  • Wayne Buckingham, Managing Director, &
  • Scott Rundell, Chief Investment Officer

Recorded on 21 July 2020, Wayne and Scott shared their view on the current economic outlook, the actions the Banks have taken in response to the COVID pandemic, and their thoughts on where investors can achieve the best risk adjusted returns.

Investors seeking low risk returns are now having to consider deposit rates approaching zero. Alternatives exist in fixed income, however with the increase in return comes an increase in risk and when investing in a Bank’s capital structure, an investor needs to understand where the risk lies.

Key points of the webinar include:

  • Equity markets and the prospect of a V-shaped recovery
  • Expectations of bank results and how they are managing the crisis
  • Options for investors to increase returns on the bank’s capital structure
  • Potential scenarios for how Fixed income assets will perform in the second half of 2020
  • The biggest risks for income-seeking investors

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