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AMM's 'Meet the Fund Manager' Webinar with Guests from Realm Investment House

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Heather Rogers, Marketing Manager of AMM had a Q&A session with Romano Sala Tenna, Co-founder & Portfolio Manager of Katana Asset Management.

Katana has their ‘Katana Australian Equity Fund’ product in the Managed Funds section of our marketplace.

Recorded 2 December 2020, their discussion includes:

  • Business and fund overview
  • Investment philosophy and investment process overview for Australian equities
    1. Principals of 5 key investment disciplines
    2. Research criteria
    3. Stock examples
    4. Top down macro overlay with bottom up analysis
  • Performance v’s All ordinaries and Accumulation index
    1. Benefits of portfolio diversification
  • Katana’s people
  • Positioning and market outlook
    1. Reasons why ASX could fall in coming months but predictions as to why it will actually rise

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