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AMM's 'Meet the Fund Manager' Webinar with Guests from GCI Australia

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Stephen Jewell, Managing Director of AMM had a Q&A session with our guests from GCI Australia:

  • Renny Ellis, Director, C.E.O and C.I.O, &
  • Elva Steyn, Head of Distribution

Also Peter Lockhart, Executive Chairman & Joint Managing Director from DDH Graham Ltd joined the discussion.

GCI Australia was appointed to manage the DDH Graham Preferred Income Fund in July 2015 which is available on AMM's marketplace.

Recorded on 23 September 2020, their discussion includes:

  • Why DDH Graham has partnered with GCI Australia
  • How economic recovery relies on a number of factors that all need to be successful in their own right
  • How Government debt impacts the economy and the financial services market
  • The effects of the Australian benchmark yield curve
  • The dilemma advisers face when investing in fixed income
  • What products exist in the Fixed Income investment sector and how they are tracking?

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