Multiple term deposit rates and institutions on a single platform

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Australian Money Market gives you access to term deposit rates from multiple Australian financial institutions through a single portal. You decide the bank, rate and term for your client and then invest immediately.

Term deposits are being compared in this table across a range of banks and terms

We currently deal with over 20 different institutions ranging from the big four banks to building societies and credit unions, all of which are Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) covered by the Government Guarantee. There is a wide range of short, medium and long dated term deposits available (at call through to 5 years).

When you are in the site, you can browse all the institutions and term deposit rates on offer across different terms and for different investment amounts. You can also view and download the relevant PDS or Terms and Conditions document for each institution from the term deposit rates table. But first, you need to be registered with AMM to access the site and transact online. Find out more.

Term deposit rate sheet comparisons can be accessed online and customised to suit your requirements

Access and customise your own rate sheets

From the rates table, you can customise and download your own rate sheet and print off for your clients. You are also able to directly access and download the weekly rate sheet that we email each Wednesday. It's available at the click of a button whenever you need it. To access the site, register now or contact AMM.