All-in-one term deposit platform for advisers

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Australian Money Market is a term deposit broker for licenced financial advisers, offering an innovative online trading platform that maximises client returns and minimises administration. You can easily manage your client's holdings all in one place 24x7, saving yourself and your clients both time and money.

Automation means less admin

After the initial account with AMM is opened, application forms and contract notes are automatically completed. No further client signatures are required. AMM does all the administration behind the scenes to transfer the funds and streamline back office processes. Data feeds are available to various software packages and platforms to eliminate multiple data entry. And you get to see all your accounts in one place.

The initial application is completed online with a choice of cash management accounts for term deposit settlement
A tax report is available at the end of the financial year for all term deposit holdings

Keeping your costs down

No researching different rates. No dealing directly with each provider to set up accounts and place deals. No administration on the transfer of funds. As your term deposit broker, we offer low brokerage, competitive rates and no transaction fees. That keeps your costs down and the costs to your clients.

Maximise interest earned for clients

On maturity, you can move your client's funds to take advantage of the best rate on offer. That way, you continually maximise interest earned at each rollover. You also avoid having your client's funds automatically reā€invested at lower rates with the same institution. It's easy to switch at no cost and we notify you when maturities are coming due so you can make your selection online.

Through a simple switching process term deposit returns can be maximised

Great Service Does Matter

Our team of term deposit brokers is there to support you. We like to resolve any issues and queries quickly and we'll always return your calls. We listen to our clients and encourage feedback as to how we can be even better at what we do.
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