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Australian Money Market streamlines the administration of investing in term deposits online for your clients, saving you time and money. You can see all your client accounts in one place and maximise returns on every rollover. Read on for a closer look at how our platform works and how we automate the system for your benefit.

Step 1: All rates through a single portal

We show all the rates and terms across the range of providers in one place. Term deposit online rates are updated daily including any rate specials.

Step 2: Client's personal data stored for faster admin

All of your client's personalised information is securely stored in the system allowing for all applications, ID requirements and contract notes to be automatically completed.

Step 3: AMM has authority

AMM is given an authority to sign bank application forms on behalf of clients as part of the initial account setup. Nothing is executed through AMM without client instruction.

Step 4: Funds always in the client's name

Funds are transferred securely between institutions via a centralised cash management account that always stays in your client's name. No monies are held on trust for client's term deposits. Online bank confirmations are provided to you and your clients via email and stored within AMM for end of year tax reporting.

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