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Our simple switching process allows you to maximise returns for your clients and avoid having term deposit funds automatically reinvested at lower non-competitive rates with the same institution.

The benefits of actively managing your client's cash deposits include:

  • Enabling clients to continually maximise interest earned
  • Obtaining the most competitive rate available in market at each rollover
  • Advance notification of upcoming maturities
  • Funds are transferred automatically on transfer to different institution
  • Automatic transfer of funds between institutions
  • Minimise administrative costs

What happens at maturity?

When an investment through Australian Money Market reaches maturity, it can be reinvested with either the same institution or switched to a different institution without the need for further application forms to be completed. All you need to do is check the most competitive rates on offer for a chosen term from the diverse selection of Australian institutions on offer through the platform. Alternatively, interest or interest and principle can be redeemed and transferred back to your client's pre-nominated external linked bank account.

For all maturing term deposits instructions can be provided online to reinvest the funds with the same or different institution to maximise returns

The Maturing Contracts page on the site shows all the contracts maturing in the next two weeks across all of your client accounts. All term deposits with a maturity date within the next seven days will have buttons shown to either Reinvest or Redeem the term deposit.

We will contact you a week prior to any of your client's maturing investments. Upon instruction, AMM will either reinvest the funds into the institution and term of your choice, or redeem the funds as required. AMM never automatically rolls over the funds and therefore avoids significant risk of the investment rolling over from a high interest rate to a low interest rate with the same institution.

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