ID Requirements

To ensure a seamless experience when setting up your client accounts, you need to provide all required ID with the initial application forms.

What Identification do we need to collect?

As specific identification requirements are not listed in the Act, each financial institution has their own process in complying with identification laws. AMM requests the minimum requirement of certified ID documents with every new AMM Client Account Application. The ID is then stored by AMM to pass to each institution when deals are instigated. We will need to update ID documents as they expire and will contact you accordingly. Where certified copies are sighted, they must be original certified copies of the documents and not copies of the certified document.

Basic Financial Institution ID Requirements

For a guide to the acceptable Primary and Secondary ID for each applicant entity type, please view the tables below, depending on whether you are an Individual (including individual from a Personal Joint Account), or an Other Entity Type such as a Superannuation Fund, Trust, Company etc).

Certified Identification for IndividualsView Table Certified Identification Requirements for Other Entity Types View Table

Identification Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the standard ID requirements – please take a moment to review the following table which lists the financial institutions who require additional identification under various circumstances or who do not accept particular identification.

Exceptions for Certified Individuals and Entities View Table

Persons Authorised to Certify ID

The following is a list of persons authorised to certify copies of identification (ID). Unless it is specified that the Authorised Person may be overseas, an Authorised Person must be either an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia.

Authorised Persons View Table

How to Certify ID

To certify a document, an "authorised person" must clearly write:

"I hereby certify this document is a true copy of the original document shown to me" And then add the following information:

  • Signature
  • Date
  • Full Name (printed)
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Qualification
  • Registration Number

Contact details of the “authorised person” can be either work or residential.

Individuals certifying documents need to certify every page of the document. If they only wish to write on the first page, they must clearly state that they are certifying the entire document (i.e. all pages).

Please note, authorised certifier persons must be Australian Citizens and cannot be a relative of the account holder, sign on behalf of themselves (if they are an authorised document certifier) or a member of the Defence Force.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

In accordance with Australian legislation and under an agreement between the Australian and United States governments, AMM is required to confirm the following:

  • if entities are incorporated in the US
  • if individuals, including directors, trustees, office bearers, or controlling persons are US citizens or residents for tax purposes

You will be required to provide a unique identifier number used by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). These are known as GIIN for incorporated entities and TIN for individuals.

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