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With close to a third of today's self-managed super fund assets in cash and term deposits, Australian Money Market provides a smart solution for managing your client's cash holdings.

Innovative technology that's easy to use

We like to keep it simple. We've built a fully transactional online platform that does what you need AND is easy to setup and use. That's why our clients stay with us. Find out more about how it works. For a demonstration, watch the video.

One Platform, Multiple Choices

We provide centralised access to interest rates (including daily specials) offered by more than 20 banks, building societies and credit unions. The choice of institutions continues to grow and are all Approved Approved Deposit Institutions covered by the Government Guarantee Scheme.

Transact online 24x7

We offer you the flexibility to place deals online from anywhere, anytime. The deals will then be processed during our standard dealing times. Whether you are in the office, or on the move, you can connect and transact.

Safe and secure

AMM does not hold any monies on trust for clients. The funds are always held in accounts with financial institutions in the name of the client and ownership of the funds cannot be transferred to anyone else. The funds are also covered by the Government Guarantee Scheme. Rest assured that there is full client confidentiality so that the term deposit provider cannot market directly to your client. Learn more.

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